new look

Finally, Frankie's blog will no longer be neglected.  These are the last few weeks of her being the "baby".  Her blog got a new look today. I think she approves!

Since our last update, Frankie had a birthday. She is now officially 2 years old! 

Winter has been a little rough on the pup.  She's gained a few pounds and spends all her time cooped up in the house.  But we're making it up to her with a big fenced in back yard in June - or so we hope. 


Frankie...such a good helper

While I was taking pictures for my company blog, Frankie wanted to help, or maybe she was just feeling left out. She decided to be a part of the photo shoot...

If you're wondering about the blog I was working on... go to http://www.thingamabobsanddoodads.blogspot.com/

You'll be glad you did!


I drank and drank and drank

Yesterday I spent the day with Daddy at the Headley's home. When I got home I drank my entire bowl of water....Mommy thinks they were depriving me of water.....but I'll survive. :)


Frankie Who?

Wow....Frankie was SO over due for her spring haircut.
She had curls in her face and looked like a muppet!
Now she's timmed up and looking fresh for Spring. She doesn't even look like the same pup!

I had a birthday....

Yep, Frankie turned 1 on March 1st. Well actually, she is a leap year puppy, so her birthday would have been on February 29th.
She's growing up so quickly!!


this is how I roll

Frankie loves to sleep like this when napping


Frankie enjoying a little recreation time....you can imagine
what the bath water looked like after this romp in the park!

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