Farewell Summer!

Oh Summer....where have you gone?

We have been so busy having fun, we almost forgot about the BLOG world.

But alas, we are back! (for now)

Frankie is getting BIG! She turns 6 months old on Friday. She's lost all her puppy teeth (thank GOD!)

Since our last update, Frankie has been to a friends cabin, where she spent the ENTIRE weekend free from her leash. She was able to come and go from indoors to outdoors. She enjoyed many boat rides, went swimming, and got to play with her older "cousin" Bailey (another Cocker).

She got to spend a weekend with the Stawarski family. They have a doggie door (yet no doggie?!) with a fenced in yard, so Frankie was in heaven! We feel bad coming home after she's been somewhere that's provided her with so much freedom. OUR PUPPY NEEDS A FENCED IN YARD!!!

We continue to enjoy the dog park, especially now that it's cooled down a bit during the days. She loves to bounce and bound through the tall weeds. We're hoping to catch this in some photo's later this week. She's showing promise that she just may become a hunting dog after all. Hunt 'em up Frankie! Hunt 'em up!

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SteelerWife said...

LOL! that picture's great! Yes, summer is leaving, but I must admit that I'm so stinkin' excited for FALL!!!!! and Welcome back to blogworld Frankie - we've missed... er wait. I'm the only one that comments .... I'VE MISSED YOU!

{my life}