been a long time...

Frankie's blog hasn't been updated since July 1st!! Just to let everyone know...she's been busy!

We've been to the Murschel's (twice) where she got to play with Buddy and Molly.

She spent 4th of July up at the lake, at Aunt Jane's and Uncle Steves. By the way... she's indifferent to fireworks.

Last weekend was the big Rodeo weekend in Isanti. We spent the night at the Murschel's and she somehow was able to claim an entire full size couch while a 6+foot man had to sleep on a love seat - HA! (good job Frankie!)

This weekend we're at the cabin in Buffalo City, WI...visiting Grandma and Grandpa. She went on a pontoon ride, met a sunfish, and eat some sunflower seeds and drank some beer. She's sleeping right now....she's one tired pup!

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Crystal said...

Sounds like Frankie's got the life! Maybe she could check her calendar and squeeze in a playdate with Sage one of these days?

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