Sugar and Spice.......

Yesterday, Frankie got her first haircut. Jeff dropped her off at 9:00 with the groomer and picked her back up at 11:30. Apparently, she is a very unruly customer! HA! When Jeff picked her up, he asked how she did, and they basically told him she was the worst of the worst. SHE’S A PUPPY!!! And you just brought a scary sounding clipper close to her body and head. I would be a little unruly too! They told me she would be getting a “puppy cut” her first time in. That meant she would get her nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and maybe a little trim up to get her use to the idea. Oh, and it was be ½ the normal cost. Well…..she came home with a full cut, and it cost $50!!!! So I’m glad she was a brat – serves them right! However, we will have to work on her behavior so it gets easier – for whoever cuts her hair.

At any rate, she looks adorable! She’s all trimmed up and even came home with little pink bows in her hair. Ah…our little princess.

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SteelerWife said...

LMAO!!!!!!! THAT PICTURE IS THE CUTEST/FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! Frankie's got the look on her face of, "why mom!? why!?" too hilarious! I love the bows though! They stick out nice and bold with her black fur :)

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