Today we brought Frankie home. We drove to St. Cloud to pick her up. The family (Don and Chris) we got her from drove down from Eagle Bend (near Alexandria). We met at Petco. Don was holding her, and brought her to me first. The minute I had her in my arms, she started nibbling at my ears and licking my face. That first wiff of puppy will forever be welded to my memory. After a few minutes of instructions and well wishes, we were off towards home.

The drive was pretty easy. She whined a little at first. I put a few pieces of puppy food on the blanket on my lap, and she got busy gobbling it down. After eating she poked around a bit then crawled into the space between me and the center council and promptly fell asleep.

Before we got home, we stopped off to introduce her to some of her new family.

First, we stopped off at Uncle Pat's work. We walked into the AT&T store and everyone started "gawking" at us. We heard lots of "aawww's". Pat held her for a few minutes (no sneezing! YEAH!) and then we headed off to meet Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.
Scott and Kathy instantly fell in love. How can you not? Grandpa held her first. She got busy licking and nuzzling before she was passed off to Grandma. After the initial introductions, we brought her outside to potty. She went right away. Then it was back in to snoop around and get down to some serious play time. When we first set her down she started to limp a bit, which immediately caused concern. We quickly realized her leg had fallen asleep and after a little wobbling around, she seemed to have walked it off. Whew...my first mommy scare.

Her routine for the next few hours was as follows:


She's very good about going outside. We've only had one accident all day and that was our fault, not hers.

After "Mommy & Daddy" finished dinner, it was time for the Anderson's to head home.

Frankie slept the whole way home cuddled up next to daddy. Once we got home we went potty outside again, then headed in to get familiar with our new home.

Frankie has lots of new toys and a very plush new puppy bed. We played for a while then it was nap time again. She's sleeping right now cuddled up next to me as I write. She is absolutely precious! We couldn't be happier.

Tomorrow we're going to a BBQ at Katy and Keith's where she'll meet lots of new friends...human and canine!


Anonymous said...

I love how the hubby has his head down in that picture, as if he wasn't going to fit or he was trying to get closer to Frankie! LOL! Too precious!!!

Shell said...

Soooo cute! I can't wait to meet her!

{my life}