Uncle J

I just witnessed the sweetest thing.

Jeff's friend Jason is over hanging out tonight. He didn't see me watching from the stairs, but....I watched him fold Frankie's blanket, lay it in her bed, pick her up from the floor near Jeff's feet (she was sleeping...again....) and lay her in her bed. He then pulled the blanket around her and tucked her in. How sweet is that? He played with her and even held her in his lap while she slept for a while. It was so touching to see how gentle he was with her.

Our friends really are like our family.

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SteelerWife said...

Wow! I have to say I'm impressed! And isn't it so funny to actually SEE how gentle someone can be, when they have something to be gentle about? This is so sweet! I'd actually probably never expect if from Jason! Not that he's a rough guy or anything, but it's definitely a side of "most" guys that isn't displayed very often, yet I think it should be :)

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