Meeting the Murschel Girls

On Sunday, Frankie, Mommy and Lyso went to a fantastic BBQ at the Murschels.
Frankie got to meet Kiley and Grace among many other new friends.
Everyone got to hug and squeeze Frankie. Her size was surprising to everyone.
"I thought she would be bigger" was the theme of the day.
Frankie didn't "do" much while visiting. She slept..a lot! She really only got going when we went outside. Then she was hopping all over the place, and I literally mean hopping.
I think she thinks she's part bunny.

She also met Buddy the Golden Retreiver. That didn't go so well.
They may not meet again until Frankie has some more substance to her.

All in all, it was a good day.
all photos courtesy of Lyso

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