149th Street Dog Park

It’s a dog park on 149th Street! Last night Frankie got to play with 9 other dogs right on our very own street! We took her for a small walk to the end of our block to get the mail. Here she met two adult female Cockers named Freckles who is black and white – just like Frankie and Tootsie who is black and buff - looks like a tootsie roll. She also met Colby who is a male buff Cockapoo and Eddie who is a black and white Cockapoo. After the dogs checked each other out and the adults ran out of mundane chit chat, we were on our way back home. Our neighbors were out enjoying the somewhat warm weather, so we decided to join them. While we sat around with our beers, we watched five dogs play, chase, and jump all over each other. Those in attendance were: Oopsie who is a little Jack Russell Terrier, Danner who is a golden Lab, Ox who is a nine week old Boston Terrier, our Frankie, and big Frankie who is a buff colored female Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull). Yes, there are two female Frankie’s on our block! This was not the first time these five pups have gotten to play together. Big Frankie and Oopsie live across the street from us and Danner and Ox live a few blocks away but visit often. It was fun to watch the dogs play and it was even more fun knowing they would all be super tired for bed time!

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SteelerWife said...

Holy crap! Dog City! I think I've seen 3 dogs in my neighborhood, my neighbor having 2 of them! It's nice to know the "kids" have friends to play with across the street. Many memories will form and many butt smells will be remembered forever.......

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