Frankie + Porterhouse = happy pup

(taken with a cell phone)

Last night we were invited to a very lavish dinner with Jon and Libby. Jon and Jeff had HUGE porterhouse steaks while Lib and I had AMAZING filet mignons. We also had crab stuffed portabella mushrooms – YUM!! After Jeff was done gnawing (and I literally mean gnawing) on his steak, he held the bone for Frankie as she went to town! Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the meaty bone coming towards her. She was using all her might to strip away the meat, even growling at times. She ate like a queen last night! Soon after dinner, she cuddled up in Daddy’s lap and it was lights out. She slept the rest of the night there, the whole way home and like a champ all night. I am so glad I didn’t have to take her out for her first potty break this am!! HA!


SteelerWife said...

Can her little tummy handle all that table food? Or no, and that was the 'hint' from your comment about not having to take her out for her first potty break - - because it was icky? LOL! And it's not very comforting knowing that your dog, eats better than I do. LMBO!

Queen to 1 said...

Jeff says it was only a little "slimy" LOL!!!! This morning she had some bacon. HA!

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