Frankie the ferocious...guard puppy?!

Yes folks...we have ourselves a guard puppy! And...she's finally discovered the power of the BARK!

5AM - every morning - Frankie wakes up and decides it's potty time! So this morning, I woke up to the "alarm clock" named Frankie as she chewed on my hair -one of her favorite past times - and brought her outside. If you were up at 5AM, you know it was danged windy outside. She ran into the yard and peed without hesitation. Then rather than waddle around looking for the perfect poop spot, she ran back to the door. Meanwhile, I'm outside looking like a jerk in a short sleeve shirt, fleece pants, and my husbands size 50 slippers. I tried, and failed miserably, to get her back in the yard to do her thang. She was having none of it. She kept running back to the door. Finally she came to stand by me about six feet from the door. She then started to growl and attempt to bark at....the wind?! She was very upset!

I tried to get her to go to the side of our yard thinking she would finally do her business. Big mistake! I just brought her closer to the enemy, only now, the trees were getting into the rumble too. They were creaking and making all kinds of noise in protest to the wind. She really found her bark now. She was barking and growling and kept moving to stand/sit between me and the woods.

Finally, I gave up on the poop adventure. I scooped her up and brought her back inside. She had her treat and we tromped back upstairs to attempt to sleep a little more before the real alarm clock started shrieking. Instead of going back to sleep, she sat right next to me staring out the window. She would growl and bark occasionally. Jeff was irritated, after all, he was still sound asleep until this point. I kept telling her good girl, because let's be honest...who really needs a dog that will bark at strange noises in the dark when they are home alone....this girl...that's who!

So yes, we have a guard puppy. A noble, beautiful guard puppy.

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SteelerWife said...

LOL! That's so cute! Frankie will have to come guard our house too. Our "future kitties" probably won't do us much good besides freak us out even more because they'll be staring off into the distance and we'll wonder what the heck they're looking at! So we'll have to call up the Frankster in our desperate hour! (or maybe this is more for MY benefit?) ha!

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