Scary moment

On Friday night we had to bring Frankie to the emergency vet.

I got home from work and she was fine. We played for a few minutes, then cuddled up on the big chair for a nap. I slept for about 20 minutes, then moved her off my chest to the chair so I could get up and do some things about the house. She slept for about 30 more minutes before waking up. When she woke up, I was sitting across the room watching her. She sat up, wobbled a bit, then fell back over. I thought...uh oh... that's not normal. So I went over and picked her up. Her head rolled back like she couldn't hold it up. I set her down on the floor and she stumbled to her left then layed down. I started to panic. Jeff and I both tried to rouse her, but to no avail. I ran upstairs and looked up the emergency vet phone number.

I couldn't stop crying. I was so scared. Jeff called the vet and they told him to bring her in. We drove the 15 minutes to our vet with me holding and cuddling Frankie the whole time. I had tears constantly streaming down my face.

The minute we got there they took her back. They checked her vitals, blood sugar level, and drew blood for tests. Everything came back normal. They checked her for any neurological problems, still nothing. They fed her a little bit of kibble which she promptly vomited up. That turned out to be a good thing. The vet was able to see what was in her stomach. Nothing out of the ordinary. They gave her some fluids and told us we could take her home and what to watch for during the night.

We got home and she slept for about an hour before I woke her up to go potty and try to eat something. Within about 30 minutes of waking up, she seemed back to normal. She started to eat, play and had that normal glint in her eye. 180 degree difference from two hours before that.

I think she got really nauseous from playing with Jeff after she ate and it caught up to her after we took our nap. Since I have nothing else to go on...this is what I am diagnosing.

We have her regular vet appointment today, so I'm sure if they found something, we'll know about it.


SteelerWife said...

Oh Frankster! That's so scary :( I'll never forget looking at Onyx that way :( Realizing something was wrong (granted she was a bazillion years older) but it's the worse feeling knowing something is wrong! (gosh I'm tearing up) Anyway, glad to hear that she snapped out of it and hopefully everything goes well today!

Queen to 1 said...

BTW - her vet appt went fabulous. Perfect health! They have no idea what was wrong with her. Possibly a mild sezure, which may or may not ever happen again.

She was soooo well behaved! Perfect little angel!

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